New Start by S’mone Carter

We’ll I really don’t want to get into it too much but as the new year started it made me feel like I started a new journey which is to … wait for it… graduate. Yea I have been slacking a bit in my class and my grades show it a lot, but not it the way that I’m going to fail. It’s just I won’t get into any college with all these ‘Cs’ I have on my report card. Yea, I know I’m dumb from not realizing this sooner.
Well I was never this bad at school I never skipped class or got into fights and talked back to my teachers when they got on my nerves, but I changed my way I quit my habit of cursing, which I only started so I could blend in with Trey and his friends. Which is why most of my teachers want to throw me under the bus and hate that I turned my way….