New Start by S’mone Carter

We’ll I really don’t want to get into it too much but as the new year started it made me feel like I started a new journey which is to … wait for it… graduate. Yea I have been slacking a bit in my class and my grades show it a lot, but not it the way that I’m going to fail. It’s just I won’t get into any college with all these ‘Cs’ I have on my report card. Yea, I know I’m dumb from not realizing this sooner.
Well I was never this bad at school I never skipped class or got into fights and talked back to my teachers when they got on my nerves, but I changed my way I quit my habit of cursing, which I only started so I could blend in with Trey and his friends. Which is why most of my teachers want to throw me under the bus and hate that I turned my way….


My projects

Well I have been very busy( not really) but my school work has been keeping me busy enough that I don’t have much time for creative play sadly :(.  I do have some projects in the work thought I’m planing  out this painting I’m doing. So that’s in the works and for some reason I want to make and sell a doll house that I will make out of cardboard boxes and scrap papers that are hanging around my art studio. I will take pictures of the process and keep you posted. Well i’m outImage


Let’s Talk

I want to talk about me, yea I know  I’m so amazing I bet your jumping out your seats right now.

It’s always been one of my dreams and pretty much my life goal to write a book for teens my age. I love reading books and I always wanted to make one. Maybe just once I can stop all these ideas from popping into my head and give my mind a break .. Nah I’m not going to even lie to myself saying that will happen. But I guess as my brother puts it I’m just too creative. Like that could ever happen.

Back to what I was saying, I love writing even though I hate my English class, yea I know It makes no sense,  So I have made up my mind that by the end of 2013 I will make  and finish a book about… well you’ll have to wait and see. ( I’m saying that because I’m still think about the detail about the whole thing) I have already started brainstorming and I am ready to get started once I start making my writing schedule and all that jazz.

Well it’s late and I tired, just came back from seeing Kevin Hart Let me Explain movie

-S’mone C

Let Me Tell You Guys Something

I made this blog as a way to get my voice out, and I mean my writer voice, I love to write and think about really anything. I go through tons of ideas of stories in my head but never really get the chance to write them down or really work them out. I know I’m being very lazy. But as you read more of my post you will understand me.

This whole blog will  consist  of my stories and my life, and just to make it funny and cool I will add twist to my life so no one who knows me can know it’s me. I hope you enjoy. ( I love to draw, so you might see drawings pop up every now and then)

Much love

S’mone C